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Rising soul-pop artist, Michelle Raitzin is known as a member of TEAM BLAKE SHELTON on NBC’s hit show The Voice. Appearing on the show’s fourth season, Michelle was selected from the ‘blind auditions’ as 1 in 60,000 contestants. 


Currently, a singer-songwriter in Los Angeles, Michelle’s voice appears on Zoey 101, Barbie Diaries, Kidz Bop, MasterCard commercials, and much more. Her face can be seen on the cover of Good Times Magazine, and Newsday. First Place Winner of WOR Radio’s ‘Shinning Star’ contest, Michelle won a $10,000 prize for her alma mater Great Neck South high school. 


Recently, Michelle has worked with producers Bill M (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry) and Pro J (Christina Aguilera, Usher), and Blanck Records. She also has been featured on rock band Royal Hunt's world tours and albums. 


Michelle is originally from Great Neck, New York. She briefly attended Berklee College of Music before TV roles brought her to Los Angeles. In her free time, Michelle enjoys performing in musicals such as "Into The Woods." She has performed in  "Alanis Morissette - The Album Project: Jagged Little Pill"  (touring in LA and Phoenix) as well as the Los Angeles production of Greenday's American Idiot. 

 Michelle is now working along side Grammy winner Ken Caillat and his team writing and recording music and loving every moment of it. 

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