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   Jaron Strom bridges the gap between pop and soul, with his smooth seductive tone and catchy melodies. He’s created a buzz not only in his hometown of Charlotte, NC but across the United States. He has been a self sustaining artist for over ten years, performing through several social media and live platforms.


   While attending school for graphic design, he discovered a passion for writing and singing. From dorm room writing sessions to small stage performances, Jaron pursued his love of music as a full time career. While singing in a local restaurant, Jaron was discovered by the brother of Anthony Hamilton, a Grammy award winning Charlotte native. A mentorship blossomed between Jaron and the award winning R&B singer songwriter. Anthony has described Jaron as "an extreme talent" and continues to support Jaron as a musician.  

   Jaron's mix of style is influenced by Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and the classic sounds of Motown. Jaron's honest and soulful songwriting resonates with a vast spectrum of music listeners.     

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