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Genevieve is a born singer. As with contemporaries like Sia or Thom Yorke, Genevieve has that rare capacity to channel the physical aspects of her singular voice - the warm clarity of her notes, the wide spectrum of her vocal range, the inventive tonal subtleties - into pure expressive meaning. And like Bjork or Fiona Apple, her voice is so much bigger than her slight frame that, as it pours out of her, she both shapes it and is herself transformed by it into an almost otherworldly character onstage.


Rich in texture and multi-layered harmonies, Genevieve’s debut EP Show Your Colors is a triumphant collection of songs that focus on the power of celebrating one’s true self. SGM produced Genevieve’s “For You” for the Show Your Colors EP, and “Take Me Down” for the Alcon Entertainment/Warner Brothers Picture and Soundtrack, “Point Break”

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