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Hailing from Victoria BC comes the folk/rock music of Fallbrigade. The band was created and founded by brother – sister duo Caleb Scott and Esther Jungclaus in the fall of 2012. Raised in Canada, South America and Scotland the siblings formed their music out of their adventurous and eclectic upbringing.  In 2013 the talented two made
top 20 in Music BC’s, “Peak Performance Project”. They went on to release their first EP, “Greater North” in the fall of 2013. 

Feeling incomplete the band began to change and grow. Fallbrigade was joined by multi instrumentalists Robin Jones and Matthew Jungclaus. With the added members came the addition of rich stringed instruments including the cello, violin and mandolin. Their music took on a new twist of raw sound with deep lyrical weight and soaring heartfelt vocals. With strong writing and emotional themes to help connect with listeners, and their ability to offer both up-tempo melodies and warm, moving ballads, Fallbrigade is on a fast track to music’s elite playing field.

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